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Saturday, August 12, 2017 Weekly Digest

Michael G. Wechsler מיכאל                                            (משה גושן) וקסלר Michael G. Wechsler מיכאל (משה גושן) וקסלר
Moody Bible InstituteBible, Faculty Member

A Judaeo-Arabic Witness to the Commentary on Ruth by Salmon ben Yeruḥam

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Juan Carlos Moreno                                            Garcia Juan Carlos Moreno Garcia
Bookmarked by Ellen Morris

"Households". In: W. Wendrich, J. Dieleman, J. Baines, E. Frood (ed.), UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology, Los Angeles, 2012.

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Graham Philip Graham Philip
Bookmarked by Ellen Morris

Philip, G. (2001) 'The early bronze I-III ages.', in The Archaeology of Jordan. Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, pp. 163-232.

This is the first major overview of the EBA in Jordan. It attempts to look beyond the assumptions made in the traditional 'city-state' model which has dominated studies of the EBA in Palestine. This is the first version of this chapter, which was written around 1997 --- the book took several years to appear. Readers should be aware that the revised and updated version of this chapter, which was published in 2008, is also available on

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Frank Förster Frank Förster
Bookmarked by Salima Ikram

Köpp-Junk, H., H. Riemer & F. Förster (2017), Mobility in Ancient Egypt – Roads and Travel in the Nile Valley and Adjacent Deserts

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Richard Jasnow
Bookmarked by Ellen Morris

Recent Trends and Advances in the Study of Late Period Egyptian Literature JARCE 39 (2002), 207-16

Overview of ongoing research into Late Period Egyptian Literature.

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Mohy E Abo-Eleaz Mohy E Abo-Eleaz
Bookmarked by Ellen Morris


Ullaza was one of the important cities that appeared in the Egyptian sources. It had a strategic port. Thus, the Egyptians were keen on maintaining control over Ullaza, especially during the New Kingdom. It set up a garrison. Accordingly, it was the spearhead of the Egyptian campaigns. The strategic value of Ullaza resulted in the transmission of its dependence among the Egyptians, Mittani, Hittites, and the Amorites

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Lei Li Lei Li
Bookmarked by Troy L Sagrillo

近五年来中国埃及学研究综述 (A Summary of the Study of Egyptology in China in Recent Lustrum)

It has been nearly 200 years since Egyptology became an independent discipline. The study of Egyptology in China began late, but developing rapidly in the past decades. In recent lustrum, Chinese Egyptologists published a series of theses and monographs on ancient Egyptian Language, philology, archaeology, ancient Egyptian society and history, dynamics of Egyptology and so on, which has made gratifying achievements and promoted the development and prosperity of the study of Egyptology in China.

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Andrew Harshman Andrew Harshman
Phoenix SeminaryBiblical Communication, Graduate Student


The goal of this paper is to examine the major areas of discussion when looking at homosexuality in the Bible, provide a brief survey of the different approaches used by both affirming and non-affirming scholars, and to make a choice on which arguments seem best.

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