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Saturday, August 12, 2017 Weekly Digest

Paula Veiga Paula Veiga
Bookmarked by John Ward

Egyptian Collections in Portugal

an updated list of ancient Egyptian items in Portuguese collections

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Juan Carlos Moreno                                            Garcia Juan Carlos Moreno Garcia
Bookmarked by Ellen Morris

"Households". In: W. Wendrich, J. Dieleman, J. Baines, E. Frood (ed.), UCLA Encyclopedia of Egyptology, Los Angeles, 2012.

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Frank Förster Frank Förster
Bookmarked by Salima Ikram

Köpp-Junk, H., H. Riemer & F. Förster (2017), Mobility in Ancient Egypt – Roads and Travel in the Nile Valley and Adjacent Deserts

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Isabelle Régen Isabelle Régen
Bookmarked by Antonio J. Morales

Avec Claude Traunecker, "La tombe du prêtre Padiaménopé (TT 33) : éclairages nouveaux", BSFE 193-194, 2016, p. 52-83.

Evocation of the grave which was built for Padiamenope on the western bank of Thebes (towards 650 before J.-C.), of the history of its discovery, and of the incredible accumulation of unique characteristics: innovative choice in the geographical orientation, architectural and scriptural structure which juxtaposes the periods, funerary texts deliberately put at the disposal of the scholars, similarities with the Osireion of Abydos. Last, revised versions of the Book of the Amduat and the Book of the Gates appear in the tomb of Padiamenope, including unparalleled « metatexts » or «...

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Richard Jasnow
Bookmarked by Ellen Morris

Recent Trends and Advances in the Study of Late Period Egyptian Literature JARCE 39 (2002), 207-16

Overview of ongoing research into Late Period Egyptian Literature.

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Graham Philip Graham Philip
Bookmarked by Ellen Morris

Philip, G. (2001) 'The early bronze I-III ages.', in The Archaeology of Jordan. Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, pp. 163-232.

This is the first major overview of the EBA in Jordan. It attempts to look beyond the assumptions made in the traditional 'city-state' model which has dominated studies of the EBA in Palestine. This is the first version of this chapter, which was written around 1997 --- the book took several years to appear. Readers should be aware that the revised and updated version of this chapter, which was published in 2008, is also available on

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Mohy E Abo-Eleaz Mohy E Abo-Eleaz
Bookmarked by Ellen Morris


Ullaza was one of the important cities that appeared in the Egyptian sources. It had a strategic port. Thus, the Egyptians were keen on maintaining control over Ullaza, especially during the New Kingdom. It set up a garrison. Accordingly, it was the spearhead of the Egyptian campaigns. The strategic value of Ullaza resulted in the transmission of its dependence among the Egyptians, Mittani, Hittites, and the Amorites

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Jeff Speakman Jeff Speakman
The University of GeorgiaCenter for Applied Isotope Studies, Faculty Member

Choosing a Path to the Ancient World in a Modern Market: The Reality of Faculty Jobs in Archaeology

Over the past 30 years, the number of US doctoral anthropology graduates has increased by about 70%, but there has not been a corresponding increase in the availability of new faculty positions. Consequently, doctoral degree-holding archaeologists face more competition than ever before when applying for faculty positions. Here we examine where US and Canadian anthropological archaeology faculty originate and where they ultimately end up teaching. Using data derived from the 2014–2015 AnthroGuide, we rank doctoral programs whose graduates in archaeology have been most successful in the...

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Jorge Morin de Pablos Jorge Morin de Pablos
AUDEMAPrehistory, Iron Age, Roman, Late Antiquity, Visigothic Kingdom, Al-Andalus and Medieval, Modern and Contemporany Archaeology, Faculty Member

Idanha-a-Velha, Catálogo de la Exposición: DeTournai a València. L'arqueologia de les primeres catedrals d'Europa. Valencia, 2017

Ficha del episcopio de Egitania en la Exposición deTournai a Valencia, dedicada a la arqueología de los primeros episcopios de Europa, que se puede ver en Valencia en el 2017.

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Dimitri Laboury Dimitri Laboury
Université de LiègeHistoire de l'art et archéologie, Faculty Member

Tradition and Creativity. Toward a Study of Intericonicity in Ancient Egyptian Art

Although a key-concept in Art historical discourse and reasoning, creativity has almost always been avoided as an issue in the discussion of Ancient Egyptian Art, as if the notion was simply irrelevant in such a context. This surprising phenomenon has clearly deep roots in the history of the western vision of Ancient Egyptian Art (and civilization). Nonetheless, the investigation of some (actually quite rare) cases of true copies in Ancient Egyptian Art reveals that creativity operated within a process of reinterpretation of previous works and their tradition, a process that can be best...

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