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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Starts Saturday: Queen Hatshepsut and Her World | Summer 2015 Course | UC Berkeley Extension

Queen Hatshepsut and Her World ANTHRO X405

Course Description

At the height of the 18th Dynasty of Egypt, the kingdom was ruled by two capable, energetic and farseeing monarchs: Hatshepsut and her nephew, Thutmose III. Examine the background of the royal family; study the temples of gods and kings and the tombs of elegant courtiers; and glimpse the everyday lives of ordinary scribes, priests, musicians and craftsmen within the context of that era. Plan to discuss historical problems that have long intrigued scholars: the genealogy of the royal family, the nature of Hatshepsut's kingship, the role of her only surviving daughter, the location of Punt and the attacks on the Queen's monuments after her death.


ANTHRO X405 - 001 Queen Hatshepsut and Her World
2015-2016 - Summer 2015
Teresa Moore
Sat 10:00AM - 1:00PM
11 Jul 2015 to 15 Aug 2015
Dwinelle Hall
Classroom 105
Berkeley Campus
  • Classroom
  • 6
  • 18.0
  • 1 semester units
  • fee credit (1 units) $395.00

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