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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn Museum

Happy #Caturday from the Brooklyn Museum! This is a monthly celebration of cats based on our exhibition Divine Felines: Cats in Ancient Egypt.

Lions are used as symbols of power and protection in the art of many cultures. Ancient Egypt was one of the first cultures to profusely use this symbol. Just think of the Great Sphinx of Giza! Lions represent both gods and pharaohs; they are used amulets and even furniture decoration.

Replacing furniture legs with figures of lions meant that whoever was seated on the chair or throne could count on powerful protection. The inscription on this small bronze indicates that the throne belonged to the god, Hor-pa-khered (or Harpokrates), whose figure is now missing. The text on the base requests that Hor-pa-khered grant life to the dedicator of this statuette, named Pen-kheper-re.

See these lions and other ancient Egyptian cats on view now in #DivineFelines!

Posted by Yekaterina Barbash

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