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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Photos of ‘eroded temples’ draw ire | Cairo Post

Photos of 'eroded temples' draw ire

Ancient Egyptian stone building showing hieroglyphic carvings. The plaster layers covering the stone surface seem loose. Facebook
CAIRO: Several heritage activists have voiced their concern over footage recently circulated on social media showing erosion of stone surface of an ancient Egyptian temple.
The photos show the layers of plaster falling off the walls and columns of two temples; allegedly Madinet Habu and Seti I temples in Egypt's Luxor.
"I am not sure whether the photos are old or new. However, they indicate failure and carelessness of the stakeholders," Ahmed Shehab, assistant of the head of the Archaeologists Human Rights Care Association posted on his Facebook page Wednesday.
He called on the antiquities ministry to issue a statement explaining more details about the issue and immediately embark on restoring the erosion showed at the photos describing the incident as "farce."

he Plaster layers, about to fell off, showing war prisoners capturec by ancient Egyptian Pharaoh. Facebook

Profile shot shows the layers of plaster, which contaings carvings and hieroglyphic inscriptions, partially detached from the stone surface. Facebook.

Closeup shot showing the erosion and earlier restoration attempts. Facebook

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