Links to other resources

Links to other online resources concerned with archaeology in Sudan or containing relevant material. … guide to online information related to the study of the Ancient Near East

ACACIA … … Arid Climate Adaptation & Cultural Innovation in Africa

Al Khandaq

Archéologie du Nil … journal

Arché … society for the study of pre-pharaonic cultures of the Nile Valley

British Museum, … Department of Ancient Egypt and Sudan

Dongola Reach Expedition,

Griffith Institute Archive,

Humbolt University Nubian

International Society for Nubian … Mission archéologique suisse au Soudan

Leicester Research Archive: Mahas Survey Project

Mahas Survey Project, … site description and account of its discovery

Naga, Stadt in der

Nubian Archive,

Nubia … in Aswan, Egypt

El Salha … in Central Sudan … Sudanarchäologische Gesellschaft zu Berlin e.V. … Sudan Studies Association

Sudan Archive, … Durham University