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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Imam Hussein shrine in Cairo closed to prevent ‘Shiite fallacies’ | Cairo Post

Imam Hussein shrine in Cairo closed to prevent 'Shiite fallacies'

Hussein Mosque - Youm7 /Ahmed Ramadan

CAIRO: The shrine of Imam Hussein will be closed Thursday-Saturday to prevent "Shiite fallacies" that happen on the Day of Ashura, according to an Endowment Ministry statement.

The closure is due to "the Shiite rituals that have no basis in Islam that might occur, and the problems that may result," the statement read.

The ministry also warned it would take legal action in case of any violations on the Day of Ashura, coinciding with Thursday.

Last year, the ministry closed the entire Al-Hussein Mosque immediately after each of the five daily prayers on the Day of Ashura to avoid potential clashes between Shiites and Sunni Salafis.

Sunnis commemorate the Day of Ashura as the day the Israelites are believed to have been saved from Egypt. Shiites commemorate the day as the mourning for the killing of Al-Hussein, grandson of Prophet Mohamed. Shiite rituals on Hussein's memory include self-beating, a tradition that has been condemned by Sunni scholars and some Shiite leaders.

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