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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

About Summum

Just in case you were looking to get mummified ...
Modern Mummification® is available through funeral homes worldwide.
Please have your local funeral home contact us to begin making arrangements.

About Summum ®

Summum is a 501(c)(3) and 170(b)(1)(A)(i) tax exempt organization incorporated in the State of Utah, USA in 1975. One of the by-laws and basic tenets of Summum is the practice of the rites of Modern Mummification and Transference. In 1986, the practice of these rites was formally recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as exempt from federal taxation.

Summum first introduced the public to Modern Mummification in 1975. Since that time, Summum has continued to research, develop, and refine this exoteric and esoteric art and science. Today, Summum is the only organization in the world to offer this remarkable and distinguished tradition.

Because of the world's interest in our unique offering, Summum has been featured in educational television programs such as National Geographic Explorer and "The Face of Tutankhamun," a production by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Shows about Summum have aired on ABC News, the Discovery Channel, The Learning Channel, and others.

International news media attention includes a feature story by Edit International and worldwide broadcast presentations on Telemundo. European and Asian television, numerous radio programs, and many publications have presented stories about Summum's rites of Modern Mummification.

Summum is a member of both the Utah Funeral Directors Association and the National Funeral Directors Association.

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