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Thursday, February 25, 2016

7-year-old Israeli Boy Finds 3,400-year-old Canaanite Figurine - Archaeology - Haaretz - Israeli News Source

For comparison, here's a Hathor figurine from the Brooklyn Museum, 193801630 BC (


7-year-old Israeli Boy Finds 3,400-year-old Canaanite Figurine

Beautifully preserved Canaanite figurine could be of fertility goddess or depiction of a real woman, say archaeologists.

The 3,400-year old clay Canaanite figurine found by Ori Greenhut, 7, at Tel Rehov, Israel.Clara Amit, courtesy of the Israel Antiquities Authority

A seven-year-old boy on a trip with friends happened to move a rock while ambling around the Canaanite archaeological site of Tel Rehov and found a beautifully preserved 3,400-year-old female figurine.

Cleaning off the mud coating the clay sculpture, which is about the size of two adult fingers, Ori Greenhut found the well-preserved carved form of a naked woman, featuring a narrow waist and apparently an ornate hairdo. He took it home, and the Greenhut family, which lives in the nearby communal settlement of Tel Te'omim, turned it over to the Israel Antiquities Authority.

"We explained to him that it was an ancient object and that the Antiquities Authority would take care of it for everybody's benefit," says his mother, Moriya Greenhut.