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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Hawass E-Book Goes Inside Egyptian Museum | Egypt Today
The Third Menkaura triad.

Hawass E-Book Goes Inside Egyptian Museum

With Inside the Egyptian Museum with Zahi Hawass, the world-renowned archaeologist and former antiquities minister presents his first e-book that takes readers on a journey through the museum’s treasures, introducing his favourite displays and the artefacts he considers essential to understanding the Ancient Egyptian civilization.

“The Egyptian Museum in Cairo is one of the most important museums ever built and contains the world’s largest collection of Pharaonic artefacts,” Hawass says. “Every Friday, when I go to Tahrir Square to sit in a café, I always make sure that I visit the museum for at least half an hour to see my favourite pieces. Now you can join me.”

This four part e-book series builds on the printed version of the book published in 2009 but surpasses it with the addition of new sections and search tools, magnificently presented objects including maps and locations, and dozens of amazing photographs by Sandro Vannini that vastly improve the reading experience.

A page from the new e-book.

In this first part, Hawass covers the Ground Floor collections of the museum from the Predynastic Period to the Middle Kingdom. “This book is a tribute to the beautiful Egyptian Museum and a token of my love for this magical place,” Hawass says. “Despite having had some tough times recently, its fascination and beauty are intact and it is a pleasure for me to talk about my favourite objects on display.”

The book is now available on iBooks and iTunes.

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