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Friday, December 4, 2015

Fwd: [EEF] Call for Papers: Cult Practices in Ancient Literatures

--------Forwarded Message--------

From: Franziska Naether <>

The Institute for the Study of the Ancient World is seeking
papers for an interdisciplinary workshop, entitled "Cult
Practices in Ancient Literatures: Egyptian, Near Eastern and
Graeco-Roman Narratives in a Cross-Cultural Perspective," to
be held at ISAW on May 16-17, 2016. The workshop is being
organized by ISAW Visiting Research Scholar Franziska Naether.

For this workshop, we would like to bring together senior and
emerging scholars who study rituals, magical and divinatory
practices in the context of literary texts. The sources might
range from narratives such as heroic stories and novels, tales,
travel fictions etc. to wisdom texts and discourses transmitting
information on cult practices or even longer passages describing
ritual action. Issues discussed in the papers might include:

* description and function of rituals in literary texts
* images of the divine
* priests, wise men and women as protagonists
* secret knowledge
* presentation of fate and sacred justice

The sources should be discussed concerning their contents, but
also in regard to methodology: How could information about ritual
participants, locations, instruments, etc. be analyzed in regard
to ritual studies? What perspectives do narratives and wisdom
text offer for the study of cult practices, and what are the
caveats? How could language, story line and ritual quotations be
explained in terms of literary studies? Emerging scholars are
especially encouraged to submit an abstract concerning current
research in Egyptology, Near Eastern Studies, Classics, Papyrology,
Religion, Theology etc. to discuss their material within an
interdisciplinary setting.

For North American scholars selected to give papers, travel and
accomodation may be covered. The event is sponsored by the Volkswagen
Foundation and ISAW.

If you would like to give a paper, please send a proposed talk
title, abstract (ca. 150-200 words) and CV by email to Franziska
Naether ( by January 15, 2016. The
possibility of a publication will be discussed at the workshop.

Full details of the workshop, including information about registration,
will be posted on the ISAW website at the following link:

< >

< >

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