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Monday, December 7, 2015

BONE 2016: Electricity for Sudanese Schools | Brenda Baker's Fundraiser

For more information and the donations button, please go to the website:

EVENT DATE: Dec 28, 2015


BONE is the Bioarchaeology of Nubia Expedition, an ongoing project investigating archaeological sites in the fourth cataract region of northern Sudan, directed by ASU professor Dr. Brenda Baker. We couldn’t do our work without the support and kindness of the local community, and we want to show our appreciation by collecting donations for Sudanese schools. The five elementary schools in the BONE project area are not hooked up to the electrical grid, so our goal for the upcoming field season is to raise $1500 by the end of December so that these schools can get electricity. If we exceed our goal, any additional funds raised will be used to buy other supplies for the schools.

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