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Thursday, June 23, 2016

AWOL - The Ancient World Online: Date Converter for Ancient Egypt

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Date Converter for Ancient Egypt

Date Converter for Ancient Egypt
This website is a scientific tool for converting calendar dates mentioned in Greek and Demotic papyri from Egypt into Julian and corresponding Gregorian dates, from the reign of Psametik to Diocletian.

Choose one of the historical periods (Late Period Pharaohs, Ptolemaic Kings or Roman Emperors), then the reign, year, month and (optionally) day and click on convert - the result date will be shown.

All calculations are based on the tables in Skeat, Reigns of the Ptolemies (1969), Pestman, Chronologie égyptienne d'après les textes démotiques (1967) and Pestman, Les papyrus démotiques de Tsenhor (1994).

The system expects that the user knows what (s)he's doing; ahistoric entries will result in mathematically correct but otherwise rather useless dates. Not specifying a day will result in calculation of both the first and last day of the given month.

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