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Thursday, June 30, 2016

(86) ‎Ministry of Antiquities: Egyptian people to choose "a piece of the month" at the EM

This is a Facebook translation from Egyptian to Arabic. I have made no attempt to fix it, but you get the idea. Glennوزارة-الآثار-172009302844728/

For the first time the Egyptian people participate in the selection of the presentation of his tracks.
A painting of birth tops the list of the vote in the selection of a piece of July with the Egyptian Museum
Spearheaded a painting of birth voter list in the initiative launched by the ministry of the effects across her page on the official website of the social networking Facebook, calling on the Egyptian people to choose "a piece of the month" and decision of the exhibit in the first of July The Egyptian Museum in editing. And I got all the painting on the first place while the wig hair came in second place and a statue of a hippo. Third place.
Shout it, d. Khalid Anani Minister of effects, who expressed his happiness for effective participation by the cake lovers of ancient Egyptian civilization is clearly demonstrated during the voting process for a piece of the artifacts that they wish to present it to the museum to see him. On the ground.
For its part, commended the president of inspiration to reform the sector at the ministry of the museums of effects on the selection of the Egyptian people to this painting specifically for their valuable archaeological, artistic big and confirmed that the participation of the Egyptian people in such initiatives would contribute significantly In creating new channels of communication with various segments of the Egyptian people, which in turn leads to increased awareness of the rich. They have.
As I explained to reform the winning painting due to the ducks, peaceful, and imagine a lady give birth with the help of gods birth.
That little painting birth were selected from among the ten pieces of the ministry of the effects by placing them to the public vote on it via the website of the ministry's official website on Facebook came Maggie Facebook. Diverse Historical times for these pieces as diversity style kid the sculpture. Her to stay. Each and every one of them a witness to the prosperity of the arts of ancient Egypt in various historical eras.

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