In the Valley of Gods

From the makers of the video game "Firewatch" comes a new adventure, "In The Valley of Gods." Learn more at

Gamer fans of "Firewatch," the debut game of Campo Santo Productions, won't be returning to Wyoming for the game developer's next creation.

Nearly two years after its first game was released, the San Francisco-based gaming studio rolled out a trailer last Thursday for its next project called "In the Valley of Gods," which features a storyline revolving around two women exploring ancient Egyptian ruins in the 1920s as they work to produce a documentary.

It's a departure in both time period and geography from "Firewatch," which was set in the Shoshone National Forest in the 1980s and revolved around a man named Henry working in a fire tower for the summer. Henry's contact with the outside world is a dispatcher named Delilah. As Henry's summer winds on he begins to grow closer to Delilah while trying to uncover the truth behind a mystery hidden in the forest.

The decision to set "Firewatch" in Wyoming was influenced by the experiences of Campo Santo co-founder and lead writer Sean Vanaman, who grew up in Wyoming and graduated from Cody High School in 2002.

Vanaman said in a previous interview with The Gazette that "Firewatch" was made on a low budget, which it made back on its first day of sales in February 2016. The game sells for $19.99. By January 2017 the game had sold over 1 million copies, according to Campo Santo. 

"Firewatch" was able to distinguish itself through its lush visuals, engaging storyline and unique game play style, which was described as a first-person adventure with an emphasis on exploration and dialogue-driven interaction, as opposed to the emphasis on action and violence more typical in first-person video games.