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Saturday, November 2, 2019

Katy Perry flies massive group of friends to Egypt for 35th birthday

Katy Perry flies massive group of friends to Egypt for 35th birthday

Katy Perry celebrated her 35th birthday with a romantic trip to Egypt — cruising down the Nile, riding camels through the desert and watching the sun rise over the Pyramids with her fiancĂ© Orlando Bloom and more than 60 friends.

The "Teenage Dream" singer went all out as she took 64 pals on a 10-day trip during which her BFF Markus Molinari posted a photo slideshow titled "How to build a powerful bond in 10 days."

Molinari revealed in a lengthy caption: "Get 64 people hand picked by a musical goddess Katy Perry to live on a boat down the Nile with only ONE request."

The request? "That each of us step out of our comfort zones and for every meal sit with someone different."

The group, that also included actress Shannon Woodward, Perry's stylist Jamie Schneider and hubby Nico Mizrahi, alongside designer Johnny Wujek and even Bloom's mom Sonia Copeland – who posted a photo of the actor in the desert – were given a private tour of the Valley of the Moons and the Pyramids. They also took in the Sphinx, guided by famed archaeologist and Egyptologist Zahi Hawass.

The group celebrated Perry's actual birthday on Oct. 25 with dinner at a temple in Edfu, riding camels through the desert at night.

Wujek posted on Instagram: "For the Past Two weeks I've been on the Most Magical Adventure of my Life W/ some of my Dearest friends & a Handful of incredible new ones. I learned, I laughed, I cried, and most of all, my Soul vibrated on a level I've never experienced. We came to Egypt to Celebrate the Birthday of our Dear friend Katy. Needless to say, Mom truly threw the Trip of a Life Time."

Perry has been obsessed with Egypt since dressing up as Cleopatra for her 2014 "Dark Horse" video.

She posted her own photo set amid the Pyramids as she cuddled Bloom, writing: "Ancient Egyptians believed that when you had to pass on your heart had to be weighed. It had to be lighter than a feather to be qualified for the trip to the afterlife. My mother has called me feather since I was a little girl and I hope after all is said and done my heart is as light as one. This is 35."

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