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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

GEM Received More Antiquities from the Egyptian Museum and Bubastis - Luxor Times

GEM Received More Antiquities from the Egyptian Museum and Bubastis

A triad statue sculpture of King Ramses II standing between god Ptah and goddess Hathor has been transferred from Bubastis archaeological site in the Delta city of  Zagazig to the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) near the Pyramids Plateau in Giza.

The pink granite sculpture will be placed for display on the Great Staircase of the GEM, said Issa Zidan, director general of initial restoration at the GEM.

Unearthed by an Egyptian-German archaeological mission, the sculpture weighs about four tons and its dimensions are 198x155x58, Zidan added.

He explained that the sculpture will be restored at the renovation lab before it is showcased on the Great Staircase.

A group of colored limestone statues of senior statesmen and scribes from ancient Egypt was also moved to the GEM, Zidan further said.

Some false doors made of limestone and decorated with hieroglyphic inscriptions and cartouches that belonged to King Pepi are now at the GEM as well, he added.

GEM restoration committees received the artifacts and are already working on some of them, Zidan said, noting that a report on damaged pieces has been reported.

Heavy pieces were wrapped on wooden boards lined with acid-free foam, while smaller items were wrapped and placed inside 15 wooden boxes, Zidan said, adding that all artifacts were moved to the GEM amid tight security measures by tourism police.

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