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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Abydos Temple Foundation Stone Discovered - Luxor Times

Abydos Temple Foundation Stone Discovered

An archaeological team of the University of New York working at Ramses II Temple in Abydos has discovered a royal hall annexed to the Pharaoh's temple.

While carrying out the excavation, the team also came across the foundation stone of the temple, said Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities Dr Moustafa Waziri.

This new discovery will change the map of the temple that was first discovered about 160 years ago, Waziri added.

The architectural designs of the palace and the hall simulate areas annexed to the temple of King Ramses' father, King Seti, which is located about 300 meters to the south, Waziri further said.

Ayman Ashmawi, the head of the Egyptian monuments sector, said the hall has limestone and adobe walls and its floor is made of limestone tiles. The team also found a base of a sandstone column, as well as sandstone steps bearing the name of King Ramses II,  Ashmawi said.

Rocks depicting images of stars that once decorated the ceiling of the hall were also found, he added.

Head of the archaeological mission Dr Sameh Eskandar said a stone walk probably leading to a newly discovered building was found in front of the southwestern entrance. The walls of the building bear inscriptions of King Ramses' cartouche.

It is the first time that an archaeological team has discovered the foundation stones of the temple, all of which also bear the name of King Ramses II, Eskandar said.  

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