From the Predynastic to the Ptolemaic period, the sites of Hierakonpolis, Elkab and Edfu exerted profound political, religious and artistic influence on ancient Egyptian civilization. This one day colloquium presents the results of current fieldwork, exploring the inter-regional and extra-regional connections that made this triad of sites such a powerful force in Egypt's heartland.

Speakers will include:

Wouter Claes, Belgian Archaeological Mission to Elkab

Rob Demaree, University of Leiden

Aaron de Souza, Austrian Academy of Sciences

Gregory Marouard, Tell Edfu Project

Vivian Davies, Elkab-Hagr Edfu Expedition

Renee Friedman, Hierakonpolis Expedition

Liam McNamara, Hierakonpolis Expedition

Luigi Prada, Elkab Expedition

Suzanne Woodhouse, ElKab-Hagr-Edfu Expedition

With special evening lecture by Dr Nadine Moeller, Director of Tell Edfu Project, University of Chicago.


Thursday 18 July 2019

9.00-10.00am Registration: Nissan Auditorium, St Antony's College

10.00am-1.15pm Morning session

1.15-2.30pm Lunch

2.30-5.15pm Afternoon session

6.00pm: Doors open at Ashmolean Museum

6.30-7.30pm Special evening lecture, Randolph Sculpture Gallery, Ashmolean Museum: Dr Nadine Moeller, Director of Tell Edfu Project, University of Chicago

New insights into relations between center and periphery: The evolution of the administrative quarter at Edfu from the Old Kingdom to the Second Intermediate Period

7.30-9.00pm Reception, Atrium, Ashmolean Museum

The Ancient Egypt and Sudan galleries will also be open to guests during the reception.

Friday 19 July 2019

10.00am-12:30pm Additional activities including small group tours of the Griffith Institute Archives, the Peet Egyptological Library at the Queen's College, the Sackler Library Rare Books Room and object handling sessions in the Ashmolean Museum (choice of two activities, sign up at colloquium registration).