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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The 2015 Great Pyramid Survey | Ancient Egypt Research Associates

In 2015, AERA and the Glen Dash Foundation for Archaeological Research, with the support and permission of the Egyptian Ministry for Antiquities, undertook the most comprehensive survey of the base of the Great Pyramid to date. This new data will hopefully resolve some of the outstanding questions regarding the Great Pyramid’s exact size and orientation, and may provide new insights into the methods the Egyptians used to survey and layout their colossal monuments. More detailed information about the project is available below.

The 2015 Great Pyramid Survey, Figure 1

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To begin the project, Dr. Mark Lehner selected points around the base of the Great Pyramid where its sloping casing once met its platform. “Since time, tourism and the stripping of the casing during the Middle Ages has made these points difficult to find, only someone with Mark’s experience can reliably identify them,” said project leader Glen Dash. Here, Joel Paulson a professional surveyor and archaeologist, sets up a total station at one corner of the Great Pyramid. Photo by Mark Lehner.

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