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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fashion shows come to Cairo's streets | Egypt Independent
Fashion shows come to Cairo's streets

If you are looking to get a glimpse of the latest fashion trends, the capital’s busiest high streets are bringing style to your doorstep.

Off the runway, Fashion Walk is the first series of fashion shows to be held in Egypt’s streets, bringing all sorts of intriguing fashion moments. 

It will be organised four times a year in Cairo streets, and each time will be held in a different neighbourhood, to reach out to as many fashionistas as possible.  

The event will take sartorial inspiration from the original street style named “underground”, embracing eccentricity and rebellious fashion sense. 

The show aims to build up a wide clientele, as thousands of attendees will be welcomed to enjoy the extravaganza shows.  


Fashion Walk official poster

“Fashion Walk is a big designer showcase, which helps designers engage with the biggest audience directly,”  Ahmed Ghanem, Fashion Walk’s organiser, said.

“Street fashion show stemmed from the idea of introducing an effective marketing approach in a quite innovative way, away from the limited attendance of celebrities and the designer’s close circle of friends and business associates,” he explained, adding that it opens the door for an intense competition between designers. 

In an effort to make Fashion Walk about more than entertainment, 50 percent of the ticket sales will go to Ayadi al-Mostakbal Oncology Center in Alexandria.

Street fashion catwalk has become as popular as the runway shows all over the world. Leading brands and the most prestigious designers have sent models walking down the streets in their latest haute couture creations.  

Stay tuned for more information on Fashion Walk's official Facebook page.

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