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Monday, December 31, 2018

Egypt to Implement Free Wi-Fi Services Across All Antiquities Sites in Luxor

Free Wi-Fi Services to Be Implemented Across All Antiquities Sites in Luxor

Get on Ra-ddit.

Luxor Temple

Egypt has announced that it will install free Wi-Fi services across tourist and antiquities sites across Luxor, according to an announcement by the president of the Central Authority for Information and Telecommunications in Luxor, Ahmed Hammam.

Currently, the Karnak Temple, the Luxor Temple and the Temple of Hatshepsut in in the historic Upper Egyptian city have the service running.

Hammam added that this is part of the implementation of a protocol signed by the governorate of Luxor and the Egyptian Telecommunications Company in order to promote tourism. Furthermore, installing the service in other sites throughout the governorate is currently in coordination.

2018 has seen authorities make a concerted effort to improve facilities and services around touristic sites, with possibly the biggest news coming in the form of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities signing a deal with Orascom Investment Holding for the company to provide and manage a host of first-class facilities around the Great Pyramids of Giza.

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