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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Explore ancient Egypt in our Virtual Reality tour – The British Museum Blog
Explore ancient Egypt in our Virtual Reality tour

Take the tour at
For several months, we have been working in collaboration with Oculus to develop an extraordinary new interactive tour that can be experienced directly within Facebook's News Feed, using VR headsets and any web or mobile device. This tour is one of the first to test web-based VR within Facebook, and is built using the React VR framework that is now open to developers.
To make the most of this experience – and be fully immersed in the galleries – launch it on a Samsung Gear VR headset. You are presented with two options: tour 3,000 years of ancient sculpture, getting up-close to colossal statues of pharaohs and the Rosetta Stone, or walk through galleries of Egyptian mummies, exploring themes of death and the afterlife.

The Egyptian Sculpture Gallery (Room 4)
High resolution 360-degree photography has been combined with layers of additional content, including expert audio commentary from our curators, as well as text descriptions and interactive 3D models of highlight objects.

We're hugely excited to offer people around the world access to this first-of-its-kind gallery tour. The British Museum has always been open to everyone, but this kind of technology means we can make this a reality in an unprecedented way, allowing anyone across the world to immerse themselves in our Egyptian collections. We're proud to have worked with Oculus on this important project.
Hannah Boulton, Head of Press & Marketing
This is a pilot project and we would love your feedback! To share your thoughts or any technical issues with us, message us on Facebook, tweet us @britishmuseum, or email
Take the tour at
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