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Friday, December 16, 2016

Fwd: Nimrud Update: NEW Photos and Resources

Nimrud Update: NEW Photos and Resources
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December 2016: Vol. IV, No. 12 - Published with the assistance of The Lanier Theological Library and Stevan Dana
Nimrud Update: New Photos and Resources on the Site 
Iraqi archaeologist, Laya Salih, recently visited the liberated site of Nimrud near the city of Mosul. Her photos document the shocking extent of the destruction wrought by ISIL. Nimrud and other archaeological and heritage sites around Mosul are discussed in these resources and news items.
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Ask a Near Eastern Professional: Cuneiform Scripts in Assyria and Babylonia
By: Susanne Paulus
Cuneiform writing was used throughout Mesopotamia from the end of the fourth millennium onward. So just how different was Neo-Babylonian writing from Neo-Assyrian writing? Read more ...
Seeing Colors Beyond the Naked Eye: Spectral RTI, a New Tool for Imaging Artifacts
By: Todd R. Hanneken
For too long, archaeological photography has only captured what is on the surface of an inscription or artifact. With Reflectance Transformation Imaging revealing new dimensions of history, we can see more colors than ever before. Read more ...
Antioch on the Orontes 2.0. New Stories from an Ancient City
By: Andrea DeGiorgi
New archaeological work is bringing the crossroads of Antioch on the Orontes back to life. Now mostly hidden beneath the modern city of Antakya, ancient Antioch was a fusion of ethnicities and languages. Read more ...
Why the Arameans?
By: K. Lawson Younger, Jr.
The Arameans' flexible tribal and political structures helped them fit in with locals from southern Mesopotamia to North Syria. However, nothing could have prepared them for a confrontation with the Assyrians. Read more ...
News in the ANE

Mummified Knees are Queen Nefertari's, Archaeologists Conclude

Researchers May Have Found First Polluted River from Before Bronze Age

Divers Find Unexpected Roman Inscription from the Eve of Bar-Kochba Revolt

A Beer Older Than The Bible

Oldest Alphabet Identified as Hebrew

Who Really Transformed Jerusalem From Hilltop Village Into Fortified City?

Reviews and Multimedia

eAUDIOS: OnScript with Mark S. Smith 'Where the Gods Are'

3D CAVEkiosk and At-Risk Cultural Heritage in the Middle East

Review of Eva Mroczek, The Literary Imagination in Jewish Antiquity


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2016 Annual Meeting Photo Album
Check out the photo album from this year's Annual Meeting in San Antonio, TX. Feel free to share the photos on social media! A big thanks to Kaitlynn Anderson, Digital Media Specialist, for taking the photos. Click here to view the full album.
2016 Annual Meeting Award Winners
Congratulations to the award winners at this year's Members' Meeting, which took place at the 2016 Annual Meeting. A number of awards were handed out this year including, The P. E. MacAllister Field Archaeology Award, The W. F. Albright Award, The ASOR Membership Service Award, and more. Read more ...
Gender in Ancient Egypt: Norms, Ambiguities,
and Sensualities [PODCAST]
Matić's article looks at new trends in the study of sex and gender in ancient Egypt, especially as influenced by gender and queer theories. Click here to take a listen! 
ASOR Fellowships: What's the Most Exciting Thing to Happen on a Dig?
Check out what grant and scholarship recipients from 2013 say was the most exciting thing to happen to them while in the field. Click here to watch the video! 
ASOR Archives Photo of the Month
"Jerusalem, Jaffa Gate, 1875" American Palestine Exploration Society Photograph Collection, ASOR Archives. For more information on the ASOR Archives, click here, or email the ASOR Archivist, Cynthia Rufo
ASOR Cultural Heritage Initiatives: Weekly Report 117-118
Newly published photographs show damage to several Christian sites in Bartella, Ninawa Governorate (ASOR CHI Incident Report IHI 16-0035 UPDATE). Read more ... 
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