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Monday, April 8, 2019

Ptolemaic Private Tomb Discovered as a Result of Illicit Dig - Luxor Times

Ptolemaic Private Tomb Discovered as a Result of Illicit Dig

An exceptionally painted Ptolemaic tomb of a nobleman called Toutou and his wife who was the holder of the sistrum for Hathor temple was uncovered in Al-Dayabat archaeological site in Sohag.

The entrance of tomb was uncovered during the illicit dig. The diggers were arrested by the Tourism and Antiquities Police on the outskirts of Tel Al-Dayabat archaeological site.

After the completion of investigations, the Ministry of Antiquities assigned a scientific archaeological mission led by Mostafa Waziri Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities to start excavations and reveals the rest of the tomb and explore its content.

The tomb is very small tomb from the Ptolemaic period, It has with two rooms exceptionally painted with beautiful scenes depicting the tomb owner and his wife in different positions with gods during purification.

Names of members of their families are also shown on the tomb's walls. The tomb's inner room has two limestone sarcophagi with a very well preserved mummy not identified yet. A number of burials for mummified animals and birds among them falcons, eagles, cats, dogs, and very small mouses called the shrew mouses are also found inside.

They are in a very good conservation condition.

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