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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Mummies Unwrapped exclusive preview: Ramy Romany takes us to underwater graveyard

Mummies Unwrapped exclusive preview: Ramy Romany takes us to underwater graveyard

9th April 2019 11:46 PM ET

Ramy descends into an underwater graveyard of mummies. Pic          credit: Discovery
Ramy descends into an underwater graveyard to explore the setting. Pic credit: Discovery

It's time to walk like an Egyptian once again with Discovery!

Have you ever hung out with as many mummies in one week as you did live this past Sunday with Josh Gates on the recent Expedition Unknown live event from Egypt?

Mummies are all the rage right now and Discovery is making a bit of hay with this cultural phenomenon.

Egyptologist Ramy Romany is the star of the all-new Discovery Channel series, Mummies Unwrapped.

In our exclusive clip, Ramy dives the deep waters of a dark cavernous underground cave where it is believed a massive grave site exists. it does not disappoint as Ramy exclaims: "there are human bones everywhere," and then zeroes in on a human skull.

It's beyond creepy.

Ramy comes up on a perfect human skull and many human          bones. Pic credit: Discovery
Ramy comes up on a perfect human skull and many human bones. Pic credit: Discovery

The series takes this premise and blows it up with amazing insider footage of the places where mummies can be found and how researchers and explorers are using new technology to unearth even more tombs and grave sites.

Romany expertly narrates and guides viewers on a journey few would ever get a chance to see as he investigates the cryptic clues, the well-hidden secrets and the locations of the most sought-after burial sites, mass graves and ancient tombs all over the world — not just Egypt.

Who is Ramy Romany?

Ramy Romany is known as a world-renowned Egyptologist. He is also an author and an on-camera expert that was born into a family of documentarians in Cairo, Egypt.

Romany has many notable excavations in Egypt under his belt and his formal education lead him to earn a degree in Ancient Egyptian History and Archaeology from the University of Cairo.  Fun fact: He can read and write in ancient Hieroglyphs.

Before he was 20 years old, Ramy had accomplished a great deal. He had already filmed, produced, directed and was featured in over a hundred documentaries over Ancient Egypt for major international networks.

He even served as a guide to Scottish acting great Ewan McGregor as they toured the great pyramids of Giza on Long Way Down for National Geographic.

Romany was the booked Egyptologist on the History Channel and was also part of the group that discovered an underground pyramid with satellite imaging technology on the Discovery Channel's Curiosity: Egypt: What Lies Beneath? special.

The official log line from Discovery:

"From Ancient Egyptian tombs and Mayan mass graves, to hidden crypts and even the disputed remains of Abraham Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth, each week, Mummies Unwrapped follows Romany on his relentless pursuit of truth. Through his journeys, Romany finds himself in the midst of legends, myths, curses and cover-ups, and seeks to unravel the fascinating origin of each mummy and the life that once was."

What will happen on the series?

It is Ramy's access to new technology that is the game changer. He will explore all known and unknown places where ancient cultures have buried their dead.

Now he can prove or discredit any and all theories about how ancient civilizations once lived and died. The series will even delve into the "mystical forces or supernatural phenomena" behind the myths and the actual remnants of ancient cultures he brings to light.

Who is producing Mummies Unwrapped?

Discovery Channel is working with production company Fight or Flight Studios and executive producers Rob Hill, Dave Greider, Scott Hartford, and Ramy Romany.

For Discovery Channel, Daniel A. Schwartz and Michael Gara are executive producers, and Cameron Doyle is the coordinating producer.

Mummies Unwrapped airs Wednesdays, beginning April 10 At 10 pm ET/PT Following the new season of Expedition Unknown at 9 pm ET/PT On Discovery Channel.

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