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Thursday, April 4, 2019

Ancient Egypt Summer School | Egypt Exploration Society

Ancient Egypt Summer School

Drawing installation by Egyptian visual artist Mina Nasr (pictured) 

Durham University is offering a week-long summer school with a focus on discovering how to explore Ancient Egypt and its people. Through practical hands-on sessions with archival records and ancient Egyptian objects hosted at Durham university's libraries and museums we will untangle the many past and present stories woven within ancient Egypt's material culture. From the hopes and fears of the ancient Egyptian women and men who lived by its Nile valley, the 19th century Egyptian workers and archaeologists, European excavators and collectors to the modern Egyptians reviving ancient Egypt daily, the course will help you trace ancient Egypt's full story. You will also gain an insight on the latest methods and resources used by archaeologists and Egyptologists today to document and decipher its monuments and literature and record its landscape through satellite imagery. The course will be culminate in a final discussion session attempting to answer today's most pressing question: Who owns ancient Egypt?

We aim to find a way to understand Ancient Egypt as well as those who have studied it and those who revive it every day and to discover something about ourselves in the process.


Location: Durham University, South Road, Durham, DH1 3LE

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