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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Shop for Egyptian Artifacts & Jewelry | Sadigh Gallery
Sadigh Gallery Ancient Art


We showcase an extensive collection of various ancient Egyptian artifacts at our gallery. If you are looking to purchase an artifact from Egypt, you will find various forms of ushabtis, scarabs, amulets, statues, fragments and more in this section.

Whether you are a passionate antiquarian with specialized interests in history and archaeology, a world-traveling collector of curios, or you are just hoping to find a striking centerpiece—or unusual conversation piece—our gallery collection has a truly comprehensive selection of artifacts belonging to cultures from around the globe. Browse through our collections by region and you will find that we have items representing nearly every recorded culture, ranging from jewelry and decorative items, to larger artisan pieces and various historical artifacts.

Bargain Lots, Ancient Jewelry and Coins for Starter Collections

Browse through offerings by region for miscellaneous objects and art pieces, or look for bargains among our collection lots. Check out our expansive ancient jewelry and coin offerings for compact collector's items and striking accessories made from lapis lazuli, carnelian and spun glass.

Authentic Objects at Wholesale Prices

In addition to a huge assortment of cultural artifacts, we also carry pieces of prehistoric amber, ancient fossils, and polished meteorite stones. For artifact display, we also offer a wide variety of framed antiquities accompanied by detailed descriptions of each object.

Our entire collection is available to the public at wholesale prices, either through this website, via catalog, or at our gallery, which is located on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Sadigh Gallery stands behind the authenticity of every artifact in our collection, and offers a Lifetime Certificate of Authenticity with each purchase, as well as additional information and documentation detailing the object's origins and period.

With any questions or detailed inquiries, to request our catalogue, or to make arrangements to visit the gallery, please call 1-800-426-2007 or send an email to
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