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Monday, May 20, 2019

British Museum - The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Distinguished Lecture in Egyptology and the annual Egyptological colloquium

The Raymond and Beverly Sackler Distinguished Lecture in Egyptology and the Annual Egyptological Colloquium

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Since 1992, the British Museum has hosted an annual keynote lecture presenting the latest research on Egypt and Nubia. The lecture is made possible through the generosity of Raymond and Beverly Sackler.

The lecture is usually accompanied by a Colloquium on a related theme, with invited speakers from around the world. An overview of past lectures and colloquia provides a glimpse of how research on the cultures of the Nile Valley has developed in the last two decades.

Links are provided to those lectures and colloquia that have been published, whether online or in edited volumes.

Ticket for the                            first Raymond and Berverly Sackler                            Distinguished Lecture

Ticket for the first Raymond and Berverly Sackler Distinguished Lecture.


Complete list of lectures
and colloquiua

2019: The 'House of the Aten' at Amarna: whose needs did it serve and how?

Barry Kemp

Amarna Project

Thursday 19 - Friday 20 September 2019


Colloquium: Amarna – The Lived City  

The 'House of the Aten' at Amarna: whose needs did it serve and how?  


2018: The most ordinary of things: Victorian artists and the allure of the ancient Egyptian collections at the British Museum

Stephanie Moser

Southampton University

Friday 19 July

Colloquium: Displaying Egypt  



2017: Asyut, capital that never was


Jochem Kahl
Free University Berlin

Thursday 20 July


Asyut through time: conflict and culture in Middle Egypt 


2015: At the gate of the ancestors: saint cults and the politics of the past at Abydos

Janet Richards, University of Michigan, USA

Friday 10 July


Colloquium: Abydos: the sacred land at the western horizon 


2014: The coffins of the lector priest Sesenebenef: a Middle Kingdom Book of the Dead?

Harco Willems, Catholic University, Leuvenm

Monday 28 July


Colloquium: Ancient Egyptian coffins: craft traditions and functionality

2013: Nubia in the New Kingdom: the Egyptians at Kurgus

Vivian Davies, former Keeper of Ancient Egypt and Sudan, British Museum

Thursday 11 July

Colloquium: Nubia in the New Kingdom: Lived experience, pharaonic control and local traditions

2012: New insights into Christian Egypt

Dr. Gawdat Gabra, former director of the Coptic Museum, Cairo

Thursday 11 July

Colloquium: Pagans, Christian and Muslims: Egypt in the First Millennium AD (publication forthcoming in Orientalia Lovaniensa Analecta, edited by Elisabeth O'Connell

2011: Egypt's trade with Punt: New discoveries on the Red Sea coast

Professor Rodolfo Fattovich, University of Naples 'L'Orientale' and the Italian Institute for Africa and the Orient, Rome

2 August

Colloquium: Mariners and Traders: Connections between the Red Sea Littoral, Arabia and Beyond

2010: The Egyptian town at Dokki Gel

Professor Charles Bonnet, Professor Emeritus, University of Geneva

2 August 2010

Colloquium: The 12th International Conference of the Society for Nubian Studies (publication forthcoming in Orientalia Lovaniensa Analecta, edited by Julie Anderson and Derek Welsby)

2009: The last New Kingdom tomb at Thebes; the end of a great tradition 

Dr Tamás Bács, Head of the Department of Egyptology, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest

20 July 2009

Colloquium: The Egyptian Book of the Dead: recent research and new perspectives

2008: Gold and ivory in the Delta: excavations at Tell al-Farkha

Krzyszttof Cialowicz, Jagiellonian University, Kraków

28 July 2008

Colloquium: Egypt at its origins 3. Predynastic and Early Dynastic Egypt: Recent discoveries / edited volume

2007: Elkab 1937-2007: seventy years of Belgian archaeological research 

Dr Luc Limme, Head of Egyptian, Near Eastern and Iranian Department, Musées Royaux d'Art et d'Histoire, Brussels

11 July 2007

Colloquium: The 'Head of the South', current research in Upper Egypt, South of Thebes

2006: Islands of the blessed: life in the Western oasis of Egypt 4,000 years ago

Dr Laura Pantalacci, Director of Institut français d'archéologie orientale, Cairo

18 July 2006

Colloquium: Egypt's great oases: the archaeology of Kharga, Dakhla and the roads of the West

2005: Piramesse: Capital of Ramesses the Great and portal to the Eastern Mediterranean

Dr Edgar Pusch, Director of Excavations at Piramesse-Qantir

13 July 2005

Colloquium: Egypt and the Hittites: contacts, conflict and diplomacy in the Late Bronze Age

2004: Image and Identity: What did the Hyksos look like?

Dr Dorothea Arnold, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

14 July 2004

Colloquium: The Second Intermediate Period (13th – 17th Dynasties): Current research, future prospects

2003: The Secrets of the Great Pyramid

Dr Zahi Hawass (General Secretary of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Egypt

15 July 2003

Colloquium: The British Museum and Ancient Egypt, research and fieldwork: present and future

2002: The tomb of a family of painters at Saqqara, New Kingdom artists at Memphis and Thebes

Professor Alain Zivie, Centre National de la Mission Archéologique Française du Bubasteion, Saqqara

10 July 2002

Colloquium: Reconstructing Egyptian life: new knowledge from ancient sources 18 July 2001


Professor Gaballa A. Gaballa, General Secretary for the Egyptian Supreme Council for Antiquities

Colloquium: The Egyptian Delta, Recent Exploration and Research

2000: The Ramesside Tomb & The Construction of Sacred Space

Professor Jan Assmann, The Egyptological Institute, Heidelberg

26 July 2000

Colloquium: The Theban Necropolis: Past, Present and Future

1999: The Daily rebirth of Light: A Guided Tour of the Egyptian Netherworld

Professor Erik Hornung, University of Basel

22 July 1999

1998: Archaeological Discoveries in the Western Desert

Dr Rudolph Kuper, The Heinrich Barth Institut, Köln

22 July 1998

Colloquium: Egypt & Nubia: Gifts of the Desert

1997: Recent excavations at the pyramid of Senwosret III at Dahshur

Dr Dieter Arnold, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

16 July 1997

Colloquium: Current and Recent Research in UK Egyptian Collections

1996: Painting Technique in the tomb of Su-Em-Niwet at Thebes

Professor Betsy Bryan, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore

10 July 1996

Colloquium: Colour and Painting in Ancient Egypt

1995: Hercules in Egypt, Roman Power and Egyptian Belief

Professor Jan Quaegebeur, University of Leuven

12 July 1995

Colloquium: Portraits and Masks, Burial Customs in Roman Egypt

1994: Abydos, City of Osiris Recent Excavations

Professor David O'Connor, University of Philadelphia

20 July 1994

Colloquium: The Temple in Ancient Egypt, new discoveries and recent research

1993: Recent Excavations of the Earliest Royal Tombs at Abydos

Dr Günter Dreyer (German Archaeological Institute, Cairo

21 July 1993

Colloquium: Early Egypt

1992: Excavations at Tell el-Dab'a: The Hyksos Capital of Egypt

Manfred Bietak, University of Vienna

9 July 1992

Colloquium: Egypt, the Aegean and the Levant

Prior to the first Sackler lecture in 1992, a colloquium on Biological Anthropology and the Study of Ancient Egypt was held in 1990, which was subsequently published.

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