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Friday, September 28, 2018

Tombs revealed - Al Ahram Weekly

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Tombs revealed



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THE TOMBS of the Old Kingdom officials Mehu and Tiye will soon be open to the public following
extensive restoration, writes Nevine El-Aref.

"The tombs have great aesthetic and architectural as well as archaeological value," Minister of
Antiquities Khaled El-Enany told Al-Ahram Weekly.


The mastaba tomb of the Sixth Dynasty vizier Mehu has been closed to the public since it was
discovered by an Egyptian mission in 1940. It is lavishly decorated with scenes depicting hunting,
farming and religious ceremonies as well as the baking of bread, brewing of beer and the preparation
of water fowl for the table.

The mastaba tomb of Tiye, overseer of the pyramids of Fifth Dynasty kings, is being readied for
opening by a Czech-Egyptian team that is currently installing a new lighting system and ramp to
facilitate wheelchair access.


To the north of the mastaba tombs lies King Djoser's own tomb with exquisite faience tiles outlining
the doors and arches. In a few months, it too will be opening to the public for the first time since
it was discovered. Together, the three burial chambers are expected to become a highlight of the
extensive Saqqara necropolis.

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