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Thursday, September 13, 2018

25 Captivating Photos of Egypt | National Geographic - National Geographic

For the 23 other phots, please go to the above website. Glenn

25 Captivating Photos of Egypt

These stunning shots prove one of the world's oldest and most beloved destinations still has plenty to reveal.

Egypt may be one of the world's longest-loved tourist destinations. Countless travelers—from the ancient Greeks and Romans to Medieval pilgrims, 19th-century Egyptologists and modern-day Instagrammers—have been pulled to this northeastern corner of Africa to see, and learn about, its legendary wonders for themselves.

Egypt has more than its fair share of iconic sights: The austere Pyramids at Giza, the colossal temples at Abu Simbel, the beguiling Great Sphinx (one of the oldest statues in the world), and the sand-covered tombs of the Valley of Kings are just a few. But behind those classic and instantly recognisable images are thousands more that tell lesser-known stories about this multi-layered country.

Classic images are classic for good reason. With a single camel dwarfed by the sheer scale of the pyramids, this precisely composed shot evokes a sense of romance and nostalgia for travel's golden age.

Members of our Your Shot photography community shot the pictures in this gallery, which whisks us from the busy streets of Cairo to the otherworldly landscapes of the White Desert and beneath the surface of the Red Sea. The photographers paint a picture of Egypt's social as well as geographical diversity, taking us inside a Coptic wedding ceremony, through the streets of Islamic Cairo, to a camel market and inside a café to witness a crucial point in an intense game of dominos.

Join the Your Shot community to share a photo of somewhere that's meaningful to you.

Karen Gardiner is a travel and arts writer from Scotland. Find her at her website or follow her on Instagram and Twitter @karendesuyo.

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