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Friday, August 10, 2018

AWOL - The Ancient World Online: Recent Open Access Dissertations on Antiquity in Knowledge@UChicago
On 08/08/18 13:16, Charles Jones wrote:
Recent Open Access Dissertations on Antiquity in Knowledge@UChicago  Recent Open Access Dissertations on Antiquity in Knowledge@UChicago
Knowledge@UChicago preserves and shares the scholarly and creative assets of the University of Chicago's researchers, instructors, students, and staff. It is managed and supported by the Library and IT Services at the University of Chicago.
Mount Sinai and the Monastery of St. Catherine: Place and Space in Pilgrimage Art  
Larison, Kristine Marie (University of Chicago, 2016)

Innovation in Post-Biblical Hebrew Poetry: A Stylistic Analysis of the Hymns of the Dead Sea Scrolls  
Jobe, Eric Paul (University of Chicago, 2015)

Because it is New Rome: The Authority of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, 379-553  
Osequeda, Jason (University of Chicago, 2017)

Creating the Perfect Language: Sanskrit Grammarians, Poetry, and the Exegetical Tradition  
D'Avella, Victor (University of Chicago, 2018 )

"What Was She Wearing?": Looking at Susanna in Golden Age Spain  
Powers, Katrina June (University of Chicago, 2017)

Reading Demosthenes  
Kosch, Branden David (University of Chicago, 2017)

The Late Chalcolithic 1 Period in Northern Mesopotamia: Tell Zeidan, Syria, in Regional Context Fisher, Michael T. (University of Chicago, 2017
Literary Genres in Poetic Texts from the Dead Sea Scrolls  
Pickut, William Douglas (University of Chicago, 2016)

A Doctor on the Clock: Hourly Timekeeping and Galen's Scientific Method  
Miller, Kassandra Jackson (University of Chicago, 2017)

Continuity and Change: A Reevaluation of Cultural Identity and "Egyptianization" in Lower Nubia during the New Kingdom  
Weglarz, Lindsey Rae-Marie (University of Chicago, 2017)

Weaving Lives for Virtuous Readers: Gregory of Nyssa as Biographer  
Gray, Allison Leigh (University of Chicago, 01/01/2016)

"Word of the Old Woman": Studies in Female Ritual Practice in Hittite Anatolia Marcuson, Hannah Leigh (University of Chicago, 01/01/2016)

Emblems of Power: Ideology and Identity in Late Old Assyrian Glyptic  
Topcuoglu, Oya (University of Chicago, 01/01/2016)
The Role of Male Royal Offspring in 18th Dynasty Egypt Lorenz, Megaera Callisto (University of Chicago, 2017)
Aspects of Religious Administration in the Hittite Late New Kingdom  
Burgin, James Michael (University of Chicago, 2016)

Novel Classicism: British Fiction and the Traditions of Antiquity, 1740-1840  
Kerr, Kristian Celia Jane (University of Chicago, 2016)

The Pharisees and Figured Speech in Luke-Acts  
Howell, Justin R. (University of Chicago, 01/01/2016)

Households, Communities, and Dimensions of Social Identity in the Early Iron Age at Tall al-'Umayri Vincent, Monique Denise (University of Chicago, 2016)

Managing Risk for the Gods: The Middle Assyrian Ginau Agency  
Gauthier, Paul Edouard (University of Chicago, 2016)

Roman Declamation: Between Creativity and Constraints  
Brightbill, Jeremy D. (University of Chicago, 2015)
A Computational Approach to the Study of Magical Gems  
Shandruk, Walter Michael (University of Chicago, 2016)

Calling Out to Isis: the Enduring Nubian Presence at Philae  
Ashby, Solange (University of Chicago, 2016)

Learning to Love: A Constructive Theology of Ascetic Reading from I John to Ernst Troeltsch  
Rader, Kyle (University of Chicago, 2016)

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