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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

ZED and Label News announce mini-series post new discoveries in Saqqara Necropolis  - AnimationXpress

ZED and Label News announce mini-series post new discoveries in Saqqara Necropolis 

ZED and Label News will be launching a mini-series inspired by the new discoveries in the Saqqara Necropolis, Egypt.  

Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Khaled Al-Anani inspected the excavations of the Egyptian archaeological mission working next to the pyramid of King Titi I in the Saqqara Necropolis. 

The archaeological mission, led by Zahi Hawass, has discovered burial shafts with coffins and several artefacts from the New Kingdom. Hawass confirmed that this discovery, which will be announced early next year, will shed light on a mysterious part of the history of Saqqara, of which we know little. It will also unveil the secrets of the necropolis of the 18 and 19 Dynasties. 

Image shared by ZED

In the wake of this major discovery, Label News is producing a mini-series Tombs of Egypt: The Ultimate Mission which follows Hawass on his mission to the heart of the necropolis of Saqqara. With exclusive access to this mission, using CGI, 2D computer graphics, 2D and 3D maps, plans, animation, X-ray analyses, along with live footage and interviews of international experts both in the laboratory and on the field, the series will show how the team was able to open each sarcophagus to investigate the mysteries of the necropolis and understand who was buried here. 

Producer François Pomès said, "Living and capturing such a mission is absolutely unique, especially because we have both exclusive access and scientists on site to analyze the elements. Beyond the spectacular excavations, we are investigating to go back in time and tell the stories of the Egyptians buried here more than 2500 years ago." 

Produced for RMC Découverte, directed by François Pomès and Anne-Fleur Delaistre, the series will have 2×70' & 2×52′ and will be delivered in September 2021. It is already available for presales.

ZED Distribution head Chloé Persyn Preljocaj added, "We're thrilled to bring this program to the international market. In the current context, the audience wants to be entertained and we've noticed a strong demand for adventure and exploration programmes." 

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