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Thursday, December 24, 2020

Fwd: Check out the New Conservation Archives Website!

Explore the new site today!

The New Conservation Archives Website

Check it Out Today!

Explore the new "ARCE Conservation Archives" website !
Throughout November and December, we shared a preview of 5 projects on our Social Media pages featured on the newly published "ARCE Conservation Archives" website.  
In the early 1990s, with support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), ARCE engaged in vital conservation work at sites throughout Egypt. In total, the "New ARCE Conservation Archives" website include 78 collections, each documenting a different conservation and documentation project conducted in Egypt.  
In 2015, ARCE began a partnership with UCLA to digitize, describe, and publish ARCE's archival work. The National Endowmentfor the Humanities Foundation (NEH) awarded ARCE a Foundations grant for Humanaties Collections and Reference Resources in 2019, which supported this new ARCE web portal to come to life! The "ARCE Conservation Archives" website showcases two previously published collections resulting from our partnership with UCLA as well as three new collections. The "New Conservation Archives" website covers 7,000 years of Egyptian history. 
Enjoy and learn more below: 

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