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New archaeological discovery in Saqqara to be announced early 2021 - EgyptToday

New archaeological discovery in Saqqara to be announced early 2021


Sun, 27 Dec 2020 - 12:40 GMT

Pyramid of Teti I - Wikipedia

Pyramid of Teti I - Wikipedia

CAIRO – 27 December 2020: In 2021, Egypt's  Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities is preparing to announce a large archaeological discovery.

It was discovered through the excavations of the Egyptian archaeological mission operating next to the pyramid of King Teti I in the Saqqara antiquities area headed by Zahi Hawass.

It resulted in the discovery of burial wells with coffins and huge archaeological finds from the New Kingdom era.

The Egyptian mission headed by Zahi Hawass found a group of coffins containing mummies, including two colored and with inscriptions, in addition to the tools used by the ancient Egyptian,  a large collection of pottery of various shapes and a collection of skeletons.

Hawass said that this discovery, which will be announced early 2021, will shed light on a part of the history of Saqqara that we do not know much about, and will also unveil the secrets of the cemetery of the 18th and 19th Dynasties in the Saqqara antiquities area. 

Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Khaled el-Enani, during his visit to the excavation site on December 14, was keen to go inside one of the burial wells that were found, accompanied with Zahi Hawass and Mostafa Waziri, to inspect the discovery.

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