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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

THE AIM OF THIS WEBSITE – Tomb Khaemwaset - Gaspard

Tomb                        Khaemwaset Gaspard


In March 2004, I started a thorough exploration of the Valley of the Queens in Luxor, Egypt.
During my exploration of the valley, I became especially interested in the tomb of Prince Khaemwaset.
Over the years my curiosity about this tomb grew, due to the extraordinary beauty of the murals, which have been incredibly well preserved.
The prince was a son of Pharaoh Ramesses III.
His mummified remains were entombed in QV 44.
QV 44 means that the tomb of Khaemwaset was the 44th tomb to be discovered in the Valley of the Queens.
My motivation in creating this website is to reproduce the extraordinary beauty and craftsmanship of the murals in this grave.
This website depicts the exterior and interior of the tomb of Prince Khaemwaset in detail and illustrates the overwhelming beauty of the tomb with detailed pictures.
Some words and terms mentioned on this website may be unclear to the reader.
Therefore, some words and terms are highlighted in red.
Clicking on a red word or term opens a window showing a list of all red words mentioned on this website.
I am well aware that an actual visit to the tomb in the Valley of the Queens can never be replaced by the visual representations of the tomb on this website.
Note: The descriptions and images of tomb QV 44 describe the interior of the tomb in March 2013.

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