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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Fwd: Decoding the Great Pyramid now online!

"Decoding the Great Pyramid" now available to watch for free online!
Last year AERA's Claire Malleson, Glen Dash, Richard Redding, and Mark Lehner joined Salima Ikram and Pierre Tallet to discuss the latest research into how the Great Pyramid was built and how building it transformed Egyptian society.

How did the ancient Egyptians engineer Khufu's Great Pyramid at Giza so precisely, with none of today's surveying or tools? Who were the thousands of laborers who raised the stones and how were they housed, fed, and organized? And how did mobilizing this colossal labor force and the resources invested in this monument transform Egypt?

We are delighted that PBS has picked "Decoding the Great Pyramid" as one of its favorite episodes of NOVA and is now making it available to watch online. Note that availability may be limited for viewers outside the United States.
2020 Field Season Update: Return to the Menkaure Valley Temple
In late January we began work at the Menkaure Valley Temple, picking up where we left off last year. While we had to cut our season short so that our team members could safely return to their homes, we were able to complete most of our planned work. We're still processing the season's data and writing our reports, but we'll be sending out a dispatch of our findings soon!
Left, team members in the northeastern corner of the Menkaure Valley Temple. Right, in the Thieves' Hole in the southwestern corner of the temple, where the Menkaure dyad was found by George Reisner.
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