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Monday, January 25, 2016

Tom Cruise joins cast of The Mummy reboot set for 2017 release | Metro News

Tom Cruise is going to be heading for ancient Egypt in The Mummy reboot

Tom Cruise (Pictuere: Rex)

Tom Cruise has been confirmed to star in the upcoming reboot of The Mummy.

And not only that, the film has now been given an official release date – June 9, 2017.

But don’t expect to see the pint-sized super star in bandages any time soon as trade magazine Variety confirms that Sofia Boutella is on board to play the ancient Egyptian monster.

The reboot, to be set in the modern day, is just one of the reboots planned by studio Universal, who aim to create their own ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe’ with the remakes of their classic 1930s monsters, including Dracula, The Invisible Man, and Van Helsing.

1932’s The Mummy (Picture: Hammer Horror)

Unlike the earlier installments starring Brendan Fraser, the new film will not be set in the 1920s and it is thought that the classic Hammer Horror monsters will all make appearances in each other’s films, culminating in an ‘Avengers-style tie-in film’.

Could be interesting and could be a disaster.

Once Cruise signed on the film was given the new release date of 9 June 2017 – peak summer blockbuster season – and Jon Spaihts will write script.

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