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Friday, January 15, 2016

Egypt to reveal results of Scan Pyramid project phase 2 Sunday  | Cairo Post

Egypt to reveal results of Scan Pyramid project phase 2 Sunday 

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CAIRO: The results of the second phase of an international project to scan Egypt’s pyramids will be revealed in a press conference scheduled to be held at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo Sunday, the Antiquities Ministry announced.

In December, a team of experts from Nagoya University, headed by Kunihiro Morishima, began  radiography scanning survey at Egypt’s 4,400 year-old Bent Pyramid of the fourth Dynasty Pharaoh Snefru at Dahshour.

The team has installed muon detector plates at the Bent Pyramid’s lower chamber in order to discern the void areas from denser areas as some of the particles are absorbed or deflected, said Morishima.

“The films are composed of 40 regular plates representing a surface of three square meters containing two emulsion films that are sensitive to muons,” Morishima added, noting that the films will allow the detection of various types of muons naturally penetrating the pyramid.

Launched by the Egyptian Antiquities Ministry in Oct., Scan Pyramids is a project to scan Egypt’s pyramids to better understand their architecture and interior design, using non-invasive radar.

The project’s first phase started in Nov. with a thermal scanning carried out at the Great Pyramid at Giza. It indicated that some of the limestone blocks at the 4,400 year-old pyramid “were hotter than others,” Antiquities Minister Mamdouh al Damaty said.

“The scan revealed the existence of several thermal anomalies that were observed on all monuments during the heating up or the cooling down phases,” according to Damaty.

The outcome of the scan might initiate several theories and possibilities including “the presence of voids behind the Great Pyramid’s surface or probably the existence of internal air currents,” Damaty said, adding that the subsequent phases of the project might reveal the mystery behind the said blocks.

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