Monday, March 30, 2015

Isis Temple at Deir el Shewit

Deir el Shewit 004 View through gateway

Isis Temple at Deir el Shewit

To the S, on the road to Armant (footpath from Medinet Habu, 50 minutes), is the well-preserved Temple of Isis
of the Roman period, now known as the Deir el Shewit. It dates from the
reigns of Hadrian and Antonious Pius, and the ruined pylon has
inscriptions of Vespasian, Domitian and Otho. The cella is surrounded by
a number of smaller chambers, in one of which (far left from the
entrance) is a staircase leading to the roof.......................

Because I can put up galleries on word press all the photos are on my website Isis Temple at Deir el Shewit. I have put both mine and Michaels.

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