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Friday, November 19, 2021

Fwd: December Workshop: Thinking Outside the Sarcophagus

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December Workshop 2021 

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December 4, 2021


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Thinking Outside the Sarcophagus: Exploring Diverse Career Paths  

with Julia Troche, Rachel Leslie, Chance Coughenour, Julia Hsieh, Elizabeth Waraksa, and Nigel J. Hetherington


Did you know that in addition to academic jobs your degree in Egyptology can get you high paying,  stimulating, and prestigious careers in a wide range of fields in some of the country's top institutions and companies? While the R-I academic job might be ideal for some, it is not the only path, and many other paths, at "lower status" institutions or outside of academia entirely can offer more benefits, flexibility, higher salaries, and as much cachet as an R-I position. These are not "second-best" or "fall back" options and require their own set of skills and preparations. This ARCE panel includes a wide range of participants who will share practical advice as to how you can turn your Egyptology (or Egyptology adjacent) degree into a successful career. 


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