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Monday, January 10, 2022

Members Only Lecture: January 2022


January 2022 Lecture

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January 23, 2022


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Rethinking Tutankhamun: Icon, Industry, Empire

with Professor Christina Riggs

When it was discovered in 1922, in an Egypt newly independent of the British Empire, the 3,300-year-old tomb of Tutankhamun sent shockwaves around the world. The boy-king became a household name overnight and kickstarted an international obsession that endures to this day. From pop culture and politics to tourism and the heritage industry, it's impossible to imagine the twentieth century without the discovery of Tutankhamun – yet so much of the story remains untold. How – and why – did the 20th century turn Tutankhamun into an icon and an industry, and in the 21st century, what does his story have to say about Egyptology and the aftermaths of empire?


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