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Sunday, January 30, 2022

ARCE: New Online Library Portal


 New Online Library Portal

We are pleased to announce that the beta version of our new library portal has been launched. Through the portal ARCE members can access our online catalogue and our digital library, which currently includes over 5,000 ebooks. Non-members can access the online catalogue and open-access publications linked to the portal. The ARCE library is currently subscribed to the Brill, Archaeopress and JSTOR databases and our digital library will be constantly growing through new subscriptions and the purchase of individual e-publications. ARCE members will receive their usernames and passwords via email.

Note that your subscription will expire automatically once your ARCE membership ends, so make sure you renew your membership on time. New members should expect to receive their usernames and passwords about two weeks after they pay their membership fee. Also note that our digital library is for your personal use only. User activity is tracked, so exceptionally large numbers of downloads of restricted access e-books and frequent logins through different IP addresses, indicating that users are sharing their log in information with others, will result in the cancellation of your account.

We will be constantly trying to improve the portal, so we invite you to send us any comments you may have. Please send your questions and comments to

Access the library portal here

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