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Monday, June 25, 2018

Egypt Exploration Society | Tea with the Sphinx

Tea with the Sphinx

Reception of Ancient Egypt's Myth, Magic, and Mysticism

This two-day conference, which runs 29-30 June, addresses the questions: 'How do we define 'truth', 'facts', and the ways in which knowledge is formed in the popular imagination and how does this relate to reception studies as a field'? This conference looks specifically at the ways the past influences the present and vice versa. This prompts discussion surrounding how reception studies should define itself, but also, and just as importantly, how myth, incorrect 'facts', and changing knowledge can be valuable in constructing a picture of how the knowledge of the ancient past and cultures has been formed, used and re-used, contributing to an ever-evolving history of the representation of ancient Egypt and its cultural offshoots. The conference is focused on creating a forum for discourse on the interaction with Egyptian revivalism and the call for papers actively encourages an interdisciplinary approach to reception studies.


The keynote speaker is Dr Jasmine Day, an anthropologist specialising in aspects of Ancient Egyptian Reception Studies including mummymania, the ethics of displaying Egyptian mummies and Egyptian Revival jewellery. She is the author of The Mummy's Curse: Mummymania in the English-speaking World (Routledge 2006), several book chapters on mummy films and poetry and articles for academic and popular journals including the Proceedings of The International Congress on Mummy Studies. Dr Day is also President of The Ancient Egypt Society of Western Australia Inc.

Registration is still available. Book your place using the link below.

Full Price Friday Attendance £30.00
Full Price Saturday Attendance £30.00
Full Price Two-Day Attendance £45.00
PGR/Student/Unwaged Friday Attendance £30.00
PGR/Student/Unwaged Saturday Attendance £30.00
PGR/Student/Unwaged Two-Day Attendance £40.00


Download the full conference programme and list of speakers here.


Location: University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 2TT

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