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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Fwd: Railway museum now open, showing the history of transports
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Railway museum now open, showing the history of transports CAIRO - 7 June 2017: Cairo's Railway Museum, reopened to the public in March, is a unique stop for tourists and locals alike, and often accommodates school groups.

The museum, located near Ramses Train Station in Cairo, follows the history of all modes of transportation from their most primitive forms, according to Medhat Shousha, head of the Railways Authority.

One of Said pasha trains- Egypt Today

The museum receives school visits throughout the academic year so students can learn about the history of transportation in Egypt and the world, Shousha told Egypt Today. "The museum was originally established in 1932, and opened its door for the public in 1933, showing the history of all means of transportation, not only since the railways were established in 1851," he added.

The museum, which consists of two floors, presents the history of the railway since its establishment and contains models of steam locomotives, railway equipment and all railway documents starting from the first railway between Cairo and Alexandria, which was between Abbas Pasha of Egypt and Robert Stevens- the inventor of the steam locomotive in 1851.

A picture showing royal trains in the past- Egypt Today

The museum also includes the second largest steam locomotive in Egypt and the Royal train. It displays models of trains throughout the stages of development
since it was manual and contains a panorama of the entire railway line.

It also lists the stages of development of ticket printing and how to print it and the tools used to print it.

Visitor watching a steam engine-Egypt Today

The museum also displays in an independent wing the stages of development of the aircrafts, the animals used in transportation and sailing boats. The museum also displays models of images of the animals that were used before and after the construction of the railway, and each one was issued a license.

Nahed al-Khatib, director of the Railway Museum, said that the museum is open all day, and there are tour guides who help visitors and show them around.

Aeroplane model- Egypt Today

The museum is open to students, the ordinary public and foreign tourists at a nominal price of one pound for students and 5 pounds for the public. And LE 50 ($2.7) for foreigners.

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