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Monday, June 26, 2017

Restoration of Giza Plateau’s Valley Temple underway - Egypt Today's-Valley-Temple-underway

  		  Inside the Khafre Valley Temple - CC via Flickr/Hannah Pethen          

Restoration of Giza Plateau's Valley Temple underway

Sun, Jun. 25, 2017
CAIRO – 25 June 2017: Restoration of the Valley Temple is underway to complete the plan set by the Ministry of Antiquities, said Ghareeb Sonbol, head of the Central Department of Maintaining and Restoring Antiquities. "The temple's granite struts were cleaned, and the mortar used in old restoration operations was removed," Sonbol said Friday. The Valley Temple, located in Giza governorate, is one of the oldest stone buildings in Egypt and has an unique architectural style. The stones used in constructing it are of an enormous size. The temple is near the Giza pyramids as part of the funerary complex. After preparing a mummy, ancient Egyptians would take it to a mortuary temple near the pyramid in a procession. The Valley Temple is a source of information on mortuary temples.
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