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Friday, June 30, 2017

The Ferka of Naqada, the art of ancient scarves - Egypt Today
Naqada building - Yadaweya

The Ferka of Naqada, the art of ancient scarves

Fri, Jun. 30, 2017

CAIRO – 30 June 2017: Yadaweya, an Egyptian online marketplace, serves as an important platform to tell stories about traditional Egyptian handicrafts and handmade treasures as well as recreating them to help save the Egyptian heritage and culture.

In their pursuit to excel, they found out that the exported Sudanese Ferka is originally a traditional ancient textile originating from Naqada.

Ferka is made through a wooden hand machine called "noel" that stands in a room called "Hazel", this machine is of Pharoanic origin where dyeing the cotton or silk threads comes prior to neatly pulling it around wheels which then the Ferka artist sits on making an artistic piece with its own unique colors and geometric drawings for a full day before heading to sell it.

Naqada is a village on the Western Bank of the Nile in Upper Egypt close to Luxor. It is known for its various hand crafts, farming and its historical value that lies in the presence of its wide ancient necropolis, and the distinguished Pyramid of Ombosthat is located near Kome Al Dabie and is regarded as one of the most historically valuable sites in Naqada.

The Pyramid of Ombos is one of seven similar step pyramids that are perfectly oriented along the Nile. Naqaba is believed to be built on the remains of 'Nubet town' which is a totally buried ancient city.

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