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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Night hike St Catherine's Mt Abu Jrous, watch sunrise at peak - Egypt Today

Sounds like a great hike, better, perhaps, than the hike to the top of Mt. Sinai to greet the sunrise as well as a hundred hymn-singing German Lutherans. ;)

Sunrise on Mount St. Catherine in South Sinai – Creative Commons via Wikimedia

Night hike St Catherine's Mt Abu Jrous, watch sunrise at peak

Wed, Jun. 21, 2017

CAIRO - 21 June 2017: Cairo's The Hiking Club is organizing a night hike to the peak of Mt. Abou Jrous in the city of Saint Catherine in Sinai.

The mountain is called Abou Jrous, which means "the place with the bells," and is believed to be known by this name because of its bell-shaped peak.

The Hiking Club is an organization that gathers people from different backgrounds to explore and hike in Egypt's natural destinations.

This particular hike will offer a new challenge, as it's a night hike. The hike aims for participants to "survive as the ancestors did," according to the group's Facebook page.

"It's about opening our eyes, using our ears and nose and training ourselves how to operate efficiently in nature without the need for technology," the event's page said.

The cost of the trip is Hike LE 880 per person and includes the following: transportation in private bus with A/C, prepared meals and guide and registration fees.

For reservations and further inquiries about the hike please contact or call 0100 627 3385.
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