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Monday, May 16, 2016

What is new to see in Luxor?
Jane Akshar wrote:
What is new to see in Luxor?

What is new to see in Luxor?

There have been many discoveries in Luxor over the past few years but
what is there for the tourist to see? Funnily enough there is a lot
that has been opened or made accessible.

  • TT 110 of “the Chief Royal Butler of Queen Hatshepsut, Djehuty” which is located at Sheikh Abdel Qurna Area, on Luxor west bank.
  • Imn Nakht (TT 218); Nebenmaat (TT 219) and Kha’Emteri (TT 220) who
    held the same title: “Servant in the Place of Truth” during the reign of
    King Ramsess II located at Deir El-Medina.
  • TT 40 of ” Imn hotep – Hwy” Viceroy of King Tutankhamun in Kush and
    Governor of the South Lands, Tomb TT 277 of ” Imnement” Divine Father of
    Imn hotep III palace, and Tomb TT 278 of ” Amunemheb” Herdsman of Amun
    Re in the New Kingdom at Qurnet Murrai
  • Photography is now allowed at Luxor Museum
  • Restoration of the mosque at Luxor temple exposed the old structure of the temple
  • Carter House and Tutankhamun tomb replica are available to visit
  • Mut temple at Karnak is now open a separate ticket
  • Opet temple at Karnak has been restored and can be visited
  • Deir el Shelwit, the Roman temple is also restored and open
  • Northern colossus of Amenhotep III have been restored and re-errected
  • Sphinx Alley can be viewed
  • Solar Complex at Hatshepsut Temple on the top tier is now open

Time to come back!!!

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