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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

(98) Ministry of Antiquities: The Repatriation of 44 archaeological objects from France
The Repatriation of 44 archaeological objects from France
After more than 6 years of negotiations and legal procedures, the Ministry of Antiquities succeeded in repatriating 44 archaeological objects that belong to different periods of the ancient Egyptian civilization from France…. States Dr. Khaled El-Enany Minister of Antiquities.
The concerned French authorities delivered the objects to the Egyptian Embassy in Paris, explains Dr. El-Enany expressing his full appreciation for the French Government for its close cooperation with the Ministry of Antiquities in repatriating the Egyptian smuggled antiquities. Dr. El-Enany pointed out that 240 archaeological objects have been repatriated from France during the last year.
General Supervisor of the Repatriated Antiquities Department, Shaban Abdel Gawad commented that the mentioned pieces, together with the repatriated ones from last year were seized in the Charle de Gaulle Airport in March and November 2010. The Ministry of Antiquities officially asked the French Government then to repatriate the objects after proving its right to repatriate them according to the Egyptian law no.117 for 1983 and its amendments.
Abdel Gawad added that among the repatriated objects: a limestone statue of a woman that dates back to the Roman Age, a number of spindles' heads, earrings, crosses, wooden pieces and hands that were used as musical instruments in the Coptic Era. He finally added that the Antiquities Ministry is playing a great role in repatriating all the smuggled archaeological objects and succeeded in repatriating 547 objects since 2015 from a number of countries like Switzerland, England, USA, Germany , Belgium and others.
Ministry of Antiquities, Press Office
Wrote : Asmaa Mostafa
Translated by: Eman Hossni

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